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Love is the Answer

To address recent events locally, and globally

Our establishment has for the last 21 years proudly served as a watering hole for the students of the University of Toronto, one of the most diverse post-secondary institutions in the world.  Our staff and customers come from a wide variety of social, religious, ethnic and national backgrounds, a fact we take great pride in.  As a UofT student beer hall, we have always been a place of open discussion and academic debate on issues ranging from economics to philosophy, even hosting tutorials during the teaching assistant strike last year.  What we do not support, and will never support, any statements, actions or symbols meant to marginalize, insult, and demean others. Such messages and those looking to spread them, are not welcome in our establishment.  

As always, we will work to maintain a safe and inclusive space to all who come through our doors and encourage anyone who is made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome by another patron to immediately speak to a member of our staff so that we may resolve the situation.

Thank You

Management and Staff

Ein-Stein Bierhalle


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